Aster Life Science

Established in 2006, Aster life sciences markets products under license from world-renowned research based pharmaceutical companies of Korea, India and China. Collaboration with research based world renowned multinational companies demonstrates Aster Life Sciences commitment to bring the best and most innovative health products in Pakistan. With a consistent prescription growth rate of over 29% per annum in our promoted products, we provide a solid platform for creating and establishing brands in the Pakistani market. Aster Life Sciences has attained this prestigious position through continuous focus on human resource development, close team work and innovative marketing skills. Aster Life sciences has marketing setup in all major cities of Pakistan with a manpower of 120 experienced employees including sales persons and supporting staff.

Distribution Network

One of the major reasons for Aster Life Sciences success is its strong nation-wide distribution network; which ensures uninterrupted availability of Aster products in all parts of the country.

+92 42 35868800

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Unique Features

  • Six well equipped, suitably located and efficient operating offices
  • Fully equipped cool-chain system including modern cold storage facility. Trained staff for maintaining Cool-Chain for vaccines and other perishable drugs.
  • Eight modern and commercially located warehouses
  • Effective customer coverage (retail, wholesale and consumer)
  • Defined organizational hierarchy
  • Defined SOPs for all departments
  • Import of products

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